Tuesday, November 24, 2009


On a chilly but clear November evening, my performance itinerary is:

6:40 pm

Place: Chartered yacht, San Francisco

Event: Team building party for a high tech company

8:20 pm

Place: Indian restaurant, San Carlos

Event: Wedding reception for a beautiful young couple

10:00 pm

Place: Top of the Hill, Daly City

Event: Anniversary party for Masonic lodge

Each of the three events has a very different clientele. The high tech gurus are young and smart. The beautiful ladies at the Indian reception have the most luxurious, shimmering saris and jewels that I’ve ever seen! The Masons are successful and kind – you could really feel the bond of brotherhood in the room. What they all had in common was that they left their parties feeling happy, lighthearted, and maybe slightly embarrassed because they acted silly on the dance floor with me. I have infected them with my joy in belly dance. Making people happy is the most rewarding and fulfilling feeling that my dance gives me.

However, all of the above was achieved because of one unsung hero — my best friend, the love of my life, my husband Roy. During my five-year-long journey as a belly dancer, he has been my business coach, music instructor, website designer, photographer, videographer, body guard, chauffer, and – lastly but mostly – my cheerleader. On such a busy night as this, I would not have managed all three events smoothly without his assistance. He drove me to the site, lugged my gadgets, deposited me in the dressing room, updated music with the DJ, coordinated the timing with the event planner, videoed and photoed during my performance, gathered my stuff (sword, cane, candle tray, veil, finger cymbals, IPod, CD, pay, case…) after the party, wrapped me in a coat, and drove me to the next event.

Thanksgiving is more than shopping and feast. It is the time we give our thanks and express our gratitude. May I use this opportunity to say thank you — to Roy for your unreserved love and devotion; to my customers for your support and trust; to my students for your beautiful hip movements; to my mom for giving me your good genes; and to my teachers for looping me into this healthy addiction.

I want to wish you all joy and love for this year, next year, and all the years to come. I hope you all get hooked on something as rewarding and fulfilling as belly dance has been for me. Make that your New Year’s resolution!

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